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Session 15/15

Page 1/5 Our professional competences from the learning process

Our professional competences from the learning process

Competences to be exercised:
Making a systematic evaluation of your development as foster parents.

Theme of the session:
In session 15 you will study the outcome of your work with this training in four different areas:
• The general development of the foster child and the child/caregiver relations.
• Foster parents’ competences regarding theory and practices in child care.
• The relations between the foster parents and the daily social network.
• The relations with the local environment and decision makers.


The topic of this session is to reflect and discuss your foster care development:
When you compare the starting point of this Fairstart training with your present status:
How did the training affect our ability to care for foster care children?
Have you created a foster family which is more social, more professional in its way of working and more able to offer a professional secure base for the children?
How did the training and how does your foster care affect you as a family?
If you are a single foster parent, please reflect – by yourself – on your personal development and competences.


Aims of the session:
To compare your care giving status at the start of the training with your present status in the above mentioned four different areas.