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Session 5/15

Page 5/5 Workplan: Things to do before next session

Workplan: Things to do before next session

  • Please pick two practices you want to improve in your daily practice until next session.
  • Write down the two improvements of the baby and toddler environment you have decided to work with.
  • What should you do differently and be more aware of while working?
  • What practical problems will there be (such as money for painting, modifying or selling beds, replacing smooth sheets with other materials, plans for when radio or TV can be used, buying or sewing hammocks or getting cradles for babies, etc.).
  • What should you do differently in your values and practices concerning stimulation and physical contact?
  • How will you know that you succeeded?
  • Record the new practice on video or write observations of what you do differently, and how the children respond to the changes.


If you wish to do some self evaluation you can open and print this small quiz here below. The solutions are written in the bottom of the page, so maybe it´s a good idea to fold the paper or cover the solutions before you start.



Thank you for your interest and good luck with your work until next session!