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Session 9/13

Page 4/4: Work plan: Things we will do before next session

Work plan: Things we will do before next session

Formation of a work group to present a plan at the start of session 10:
The leader, the instructor, the appointed staff representative(s), and a person knowing the practical work plans form a group working to make the best possible compromise between employee needs and the need for a plan that offers continuous caregiver contact in the daytime for the children, especially for children who are three years or younger. The plan is presented and discussed to all caregiver employees before session 10 where it will be discussed again.

Present the work groups suggestion, and follow-up on mutual comments between leader, instructor and staffs.

Decide who is responsible for presenting the suggestion and get comments before session 10.


If you wish to do some self evaluation you can open and print this small quiz here below. The solutions are written in the bottom of the page, so maybe it´s a good idea to fold the paper or cover the solutions before you start.


Thank you for your interest and good luck with your work until next session!