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Details about the instructor education

Practical information

The instructor education is an online-based course. It is divided into modules where participants learn through a mix of individual assignments, peer reviews, group discussions, and reflection tasks. Between the modules, each participant instructs a caregiver group in six selected sessions of the training programme.

The education is a class-based course, but is not limited by geography. This means that a student team take the education together, but may do it from different parts of the world.

The education takes 4 months to complete, and the workload is divided between online learning and practical training. You spend 4 hours online every other week, and 3 hours of caregiver training every other week. It is your own responsibility to make arrangements with a caregiver group, but you will receive thorough guidance in how to prepare, perform and evaluate your caregiver training.

By taking this education you will become a part of a strong international network and be a facilitator of positive changes in the lives of children who grow up without their parents. You will help underpaid caregivers and children’s home leaders to gain better skills in cooperation and professional dialogue with each other.


Beta testing

Our instructor education has been tested by a group of individuals, and their feedback has been valuable to perfecting the course. Here are some of their comments:

“I cannot help mentioning, how inspiring I think your material is”, Arne Tannebek, teacher at SOSU, Aarhus.

“I think it is very well described, how significant the instructor’s approach is – the positive accommodating approach, building on success, relating to the caregivers and including them in the learning process”, Dorte Holmberg, Organisational consultant and psycho therapist.

“The course is very logical. The lingusitic simplicity (…) recurs in the structure of the education. There is a high degree of recognition, which entails that you do not have to spend much time learning what the course is all about”. Arne Tannebek, teacher at SOSU, Aarhus.

“I believe this instructors training program reflects well what is needed to carry through trainings and bring most of basic knowledge for improving the care quality to daily carers”, Jane Snaith, CEO at Igale Lapsele Pere.

“The best thing about the education is the consistent instruction to instructor students about being patient, friendly og listening towards participants and insisting on the fact that caregivers have done their best/are doing their best from what knowledge they have”, Inge Loua, psychologist.

Online education on edX

Fairstart Foundation is the first Danish organisation to use edX for our new Certified Instructor Education. EdX is a well-established platform for online education designed by MIT, Harvard and Google and is used at universities all over the world. Fairstart cooperates with the IT company Edlab from Aarhus University in creating this advanced education. The unique combination of Fairstart’s professional knowledge in childcare and Edlab’s in-depth knowledge on learning strategies and technical competences, entails that the education offers a professional tool for creating local competences and skills in any country.

The Certified Instructor Education matches level 5 in the European Qualifications Framework.

Follow the link to access a free demo version of our instructor education: DEMO

How can you contribute?

The most important task for Fairstart is to support and inspire the construction of local professional care competences in cooperation between Fairstart, instructors, and local NGO’s and governments.

The Certified Instructor Education is open for enrollment.

Class start: September 12th 2017 (available)
Price: $ 999 USD
Introduction Discount: 25% ($ 249,75) until December 31th 2017
Discount code: intro (insert in purchasing process)

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If you have any questions or wish to know more about the instructor education and how we can help you get started, please contact us at: