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Become a Fairstart Instructor

A tool for professional development

Are you interested in organisational development and high quality education for your staff? Do you want to improve your skills in making positive changes in the lives of at-risk children around the globe? Fairstart Foundation offers you and your organisation a Certified Instructor Education in how to teach our online training programmes – a tool to improve care for children growing up in group-care settings without their parents!

With this instructor education, you can educate key persons in your organisation in how to train and engage caregivers, in how to apply research-based childcare principles, and in how to improve cooperation and organisational skills of caregivers and leaders. You can become an active agent of change!

Acquired instructor competences

In this exciting learning process instructors will:

  • Work from research-based principles of attachment-based childcare
  • Learn how to train and educate groups of people
  • Acquire skills in creating better cooperation between caregivers
  • Contribute to building local professional childcare systems
  • Cooperate with fellow students and perform peer assessments
  • Become part of an international instructor community
  • Be co-designers of their own and others’ learning processes


The Instructor Education educates organisations and people who wish to train caregivers of children who grow up without their parents. Research shows that children who live with well-educated and competent staff experience significantly higher success as adults in both their personal, social and professional lives. Since 2005, Fairstart has been developing complete training programmes that provide caregivers with practical skills and knowledge enabling them to perform the care that at-risk children need. The instructor education is your opportunity to spread and teach this knowledge.

The curriculum’s structure and content

Eight modules take participants through a unique mix of practical teaching and theoretical learning in an online education platform. The platform is user friendly and offers a wide range of guides, videos and forums for support, creativity and sharing among students. Between each module, instructor students will train a caregiver group in Fairstart’s online training programmes.

The education lasts 4 months and requires 3-4 hours of work a week for each student. It complies with European Union Educational Standards at level 5 (practical and theoretical skills management), and your participation will make you an attractive, professional developer of social systems for children without parental care. 


Your role as a change agent

The process of becoming an instructor is not only an exciting experience for you – the caregivers who receive your training will learn how to develop new constructive practices and how to continuously implement them in their workplace. Both instructor students and caregivers are practice designers of their own development, working from a set of professional principles. Thereby, caregivers become role models for the children and youth in their care.

This education will not only enhance the professional level in your organisation but will create the foundation for a better life and a future with possibilities for children in group-care all over the world.


Get started

The instructor education is open for enrollment. The next class begins on September 12th 2017.

The price is $ 999 USD, but we offer a 25% ($ 249,75) introduction discount until December 31th 2017. Discount code: intro (insert when purchasing).

If you have any questions, please contact Fairstart directly at You can also read more here.