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The Fairstart Team

Our permanent team consists of our two founders and directors, Niels Peter Rygaard and Morten Jac, as well as our Project Manager, Jana Thomsen. Furthermore, a varying number of interns and student assistants contribute to creating a strong team of dedicated people working to live out our slogan: Help Children Save the World.

Niels Peter Rygaard, auth. DPA clinical child psychologist, Director
Development and Research Leader

Niels Peter Rygaard is a consultant in private practice for Danish special needs institutions, schools, foster families, social workers and clinicians. He is the author of Severe Attachment Disorder, and several studies and articles on the topics of adoption, attachment-based treatment and development of quality care for children at risk. He is a teacher and consultant for Danish state organisations in the fields of adoption and intervention programmes for mothers at risk and programmes to increase resilience in children.

Morten Jac, CEO
Organization, Project and Communication

Morten Jac is co-founder of Fairstart Foundation and co-owner of the consultent house key2see. Key2see works with innovation, organisation development, creativity and communication. Morten Jac is educated as a teacher,  and holds a degree in rhetorics and communication from the University of Aarhus.

Jana Thomsen

Project Manager

Jana holds a Master’s degree in International Studies from Aarhus University and a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Aalborg University. She has solid experience with international project management and is currently working on different projects, focusing on communication as well as the administration and coordination of our online education platform.

Camilla Pallesen
Project Assistant

Camilla holds a master’s degree in Educational Psychology and a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology.

Camilla Hamre
Research Assistant

Camilla is currently studying a master’s degree in psychology, specialising in attachment theory.

Michael Munch-Hansen

Michael is an industrial psychologist, and a valued consultant at Fairstart. He contributes with creating teaching resources with focus on sustainability for our training programmes.

Marie Aaes

Communication Intern

Marie is studying for a master’s degree in International Business Communication (cand.ling.merc.) at Aarhus University.