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Fairstart's researcher network


The Fairstart programmes were originally designed and tested in two European Union Leonardo Division projects, Fairstart and Transfair.
They were implemented and evaluated by partners in 10 EU countries in 2008-13.


Specialists support for evidence-based programme methods:
A growing number of professionals globally contribute to content development, research and implementation of the programmes:

  • Dr. René Hoksbergen & Katharina Rijk Un. Of Tilburg & University of Utrecht the Netherlands, Faculty of Adoption studies. 
  • Charles Zeanah of Tulane University, U.S. of A. who conducted the Bucharest Intervention Study (moving children from “Hospital” orphanages to foster care families).
  • Kamikado Kazuhiro Un. Of Nagano Japan.
  • C. Hamilton-Giachritsis,  Psychology at Birmingham Un.
  • Robert McCall & Christine Groark, University of Pittsburgh, Office of Child Development. 
  • Mary Dozier, Delaware Un. (foster family attachment studies and training).
  • Annika Melinder, Child Psychology Department, Un. of Oslo. 
  • Sheyla Blumen, Psychology Dpt. Of Universidad Pontifica Catolica in Lima, Peru.
  • Jorge Barudy and Maryorie Dantagnan from Spain/Chile (children exposed to violence).  
  • Michael Rutter group.
  • Femmie Juffer, van Ijzendoorn, Ed Tronick and many others.

One outcome of this international collaboration is a special issue of Infant Mental Health Journal that describes how research in exposed children is transformed into local childcare policies and interventions/education.

The special issue can be found here.