Session 15/19

Page 7/7 Designing your work plan

Designing your work plan

Please discuss, design, and write down your work plan: what will we do, who will do it, and how can we evaluate what we do? You can select and plan work with one or more age groups or topics:


    • How can we organize daily life in the foster family, so that children become familiar with the community?
    • How will we work to teach children basic skills, and encourage them to make their own independent evaluations and decisions? How do we make space for and act according to young people’s own decisions.


    • How will we prepare our teenagers for learning simple job skills to make a living?
    • How can we inform them about how to cope with challenges after care? (if possible, please include info about safe sexual behaviour).
    • How will we plan a social event to mark their new status as independent adults?
    • How can SOSCV staff and foster parents cooperate to make a smooth transfer of trust and guidance?

    Mentoring and peer networks after care

    • How often should mentors and care leavers meet?
    • Should we make groups for young men and women together, or separate meetings with male mentors for men, and female mentors for women?
    • Please design a first sketch for an agenda for mentor and youth meetings. What discussion topics are most relevant, according to your experience?

    SOS Children’s Villages and the staff at Fairstart Foundation thank you and the children and youth, for sharing their experiences and advice for the design of this session. We also thank East African researchers for providing a general overview of leaving care.