About Fairstart Foundation

On a global basis, more than 100 million children grow up without their parents. Part of these children grow up in institutions and in foster care systems. Unfortunately, their caregivers are often underpaid, not supported much by local governments, and have no access to formal childcare education.

The purpose of Fairstart is to improve the professional competences of caregivers by connecting research, organizations, and leaders. We use innovative IT training systems to be able to offer low cost training programmes of high quality to local care systems, so that we can support vulnerable children and their caregivers in their own positive development.

Fairstart offers quality training to caregivers in group care systems as well as foster care systems. Our online training programmes have been developed in cooperation with an international network of researchers specialized in vulnerable children and attachment theory.

To ensure successful implementation, Fairstart also offers a Certified instructor Education, that teaches participants to train caregivers in the training programmes.


Our vision is to create happy and healthy children, that can contribute to world society in positive and constructive ways.


Our mission is to improve the professional competences of caregivers, who take care of children without parental contact.