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Page 2/4: Mapping the positive value system in your family

Mapping the positive value system in your family

In many countries, foster families receive payment for taking care of a foster child. This is especially true when receiving babies. Receiving a child in care is a little like giving birth – the arrival of a new family member produces a change in the roles and relations in the whole family.

There are two tasks in receiving a child in care:

  • One is to make the practical preparations such as deciding where the child is going to sleep.
  • The other task is to make the mental preparations for how to help the child become included in the family. This is even more important than the practical circumstances, and the following activity will be your first professional task. It is about finding the positive values, which you can offer the child.


Here is a video of Mariam, who moved in with her grandparents after her parents died. She gives us an interesting insight into her life in kinship care.