Session 15/21

Page 1/7 Preparing care leavers for life in society

Preparing care leavers for life in society

Competences to be exercised:

  • Understanding the shift from care to adult life and independent living
  • Understanding three major challenges for East African care leavers
  • What can we learn by listening to experienced care leavers?
  • Training daily skills and independence from childhood
  • Preparing youth for leaving care
  • Mentoring and community inclusion after care


Theme of the session: In this training session you will be introduced to the major challenges of East African care leavers. You will get inspiration for discussing and preparing care leavers for life after care – how to prepare them from childhood to leading an independent life in society.


Aims of the session: To help you plan care leaver support by preparing children and youth for a life in society after care. You can focus on one or more of these topics:
1. Training skills and independence from early childhood.
2. Preparing youth for leaving care.
3. Mentoring and methods for community inclusion after care.