Session 21/21

Page 1/6: Reintegration of children in their family of origin

Reintegration of children in their family of origin


Please read this guide for program managers and SOS mothers 

Topic introduction

This session offers a step-by-step framework for a series of meetings with all parties involved in the reintegration of a child or youth. Meetings are conducted by one or more SOSCV re-integration program managers with a group of SOS Mothers. Four session topics describe the four steps in your planning:

Topic A: Introduction to reintegration

Topic B: How can SOS Mothers and staff prepare for the transition?

Topic C: Mapping the child’s relations and attachments

Topic D: Cooperation with government staff, the community and the family

Topic E: Minimizing risks by follow-up after family reunion

Competences to be exercised

  • Knowledge about re-integration and family reunion
  • Skills for making SOS Mothers, children and their relatives feel secure in the process
  • Assessment of a child’s present and future attachment relations
  • Cooperating with government, community and relatives
  • Minimizing common risk factors during re-integration


Aim of the session

This session will help you work together, and prepare the psychological and relational transition from life in the Village, to children being successfully re-united with parents or relatives.