Fairstart Training Programmes

An international and free tool for educating caregivers of children without parental contact. (All rights reserved)

Individuals are welcome to work through the programmes without the interference of Fairstart but we recommend that you contact Fairstart via email (info@fairstartfoundation.com), before using the training programmes, to ensure correct use and successful implementation. If organisations want to use the programmes as teaching material or if larger groups wish to use the training programmes, they are obligated to contact Fairstart in advance, so that we can evaluate their situation and needs and help them get started. This is to ensure high international standards of caregiver training. 


This training programme is developed for training foster parents, kinship carers or other people who work with children and youth who are brought up in a family setting without their biological parents.


Additional material to your work with placed children. (This version is currently available in English)