Fairstart Training Programmes

An international and free tool for educating caregivers of children without parental contact

Our training programs are freely available to individuals seeking knowledge and inspiration. The programs are not to be copied or used for training without the written permission from Fairstart Foundation.
They are subject to copyright.

Our programs are used in collaboration with partner organisations (professionals, NGOs, and administrations). You can read more about our evidence-based educations here. In order to obtain a high professional level and a successful implementation of our programs, the participation in our instructor training is a prerequisite.

We are happy to start a partnership with your organisation! Send us an email at info@fairstartfoundation.com.

Kurera abana mu miryango

Aya mahugurwa yateguriwe ababyeyi bakiriye abana mu muryango, abantu bita ku bana bafitanye isano cyangwa abandi bantu bafasha abana n’urubyiruko barerwa mu muryango ariko badafitanye isano.

Currently available but still under working progress.

Developed in cooperation with SOS Children’s Villages.