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Fairstart's Instructor Educations

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Instructor educations

If your organisation is interested in knowing more about partnership opportunities, please feel free to contact us. 

Group Care

We have an international version of the instructor education for group care. The content of the education is in english, and adjusted to an international audience. Click to read more or see our Fact Sheet


This version is aimed at foster families around the world. The education is in english. Click to read more, or see our  Fact Sheet


Danish Instructor Education

So far, we only offer the danish education for group care. The education is in Danish. 


These educations have been made in cooperation with a partner. They were tailored to the needs of the partner organisation and its context. It is no longer possible to enroll in these educations. If you are interested in learning about possibilities for partnership projects, please contact us.

Certified Greenlandic Instructor Education

Our Greenlandic Instructor Education was developed in co operation with the National Board of Social Services in Green land. It is aimed at instructors from institutions, residential care, and schools in Greenland. Click to learn more.


SOS- Childrens Villages Denmark

This education was developed in cooperation with SOS-childrens villages Denmark. It is adapted to local needs for SOS-mothers and foster families in Tanzania,Kenya and Rwanda. Click to read more.


Access a free demo version of our education in english.