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The Fairstart Team

Niels Peter Rygaard, CEO

auth. DPA clinical child psychologist,
Program Development and Research

After decades of work with traumatised and adopted children, Niels published “Severe Attachment Disorder – A Guide to Practical Therapy” in 2005. The following lectures and studies of care systems around the world inspired him to gather a network of international researchers. Niels and the team transforms their care recommendations in Fairstart’s unique blended learning design, in partnerships with government agencies and NGO staff. This allows professionals to train thousands of foster parents and group home workers in attachment based practices at low cost. He received the Danish adoption Award in 2012, Fairstart received the EU award 2016 for innovative e-learning, and in 2020 Niels received the American Psychologist Association’s Award for International Humanitarian Work.

Morten Jac, CEO

Organization, Projects and Communication

Morten Jac is co-founder of Fairstart Foundation and co-owner of the consultant house key2see. Key2see works with innovation, organisation development, creativity, and communication. Morten Jac is educated as a teacher and holds a degree in rhetorics and communication from the University of Aarhus.

Josefine Ulbrichsen

Psychological programme developer

Josefine is Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Communication and Digital Media and Master of Arts (MA) in Educational Psychology.

Jannie Mikkelsen

Psychological programme developer


Jannie Mikkelsen is a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in psychology, and is currently finishing her Master’s degree programme in psychology. 



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Peter Schramm

IT Specialist

Peter Schramm works as Grahic Designer, Illustrator and owns the company Cubix. Peter makes the impossible possible.




Susi Hinrup

Deputy headmaster, Prinsesse Margrethe Skolen, Upernavik, Avannaata Kommunia.


Susi is a teacher and has a MA in mathematics didactics. Susi has been a Fairstart instructor since 2019 and holds courses in the northern part of Greenland (Ilulissat and Aasiat) in cooperation with Dia Jensen.

Dia Jensen

School counselor, Prinsesse Margrethe Skolen, Upernavik, Avannaata Kommunia.


Dia is a school counselor at the school in Upernavik. Dia is a teacher and has been a Fairstart instructor since 2019. Dia collaborating with Susi.


All our co-facilitators are educated Fairstart-SOS instructors and they are employed by SOS Childrens Villages in the different countries


Tanzania, Zanzibar, Kenya, Rwanda, Lesotho, Botswana, Mocambique and Somaliland.

We have connected 8 Co-Facilitators who have been educated as SOS/Fairstart Instructors in the following countries: Tanzania, Zanzibar, Kenya, Rwanda, Lesotho, Botswana, Mocambique and Somaliland. All the Co-Facilitators are empoyeed by SOS Childrens Villages.

Selungwi Husna


Husna was educated from the first team of instructors in Zanziba back in 2017. 

Husna has helped us as co-facilitator with four teams of new instructors, both from Tanzania, Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.



Pernille Thorup,

Chairwoman of the Board

Doctor of management and Complexity

Pernille Thorup is an authorized psychologist and has worked with strategy processing and public management the past 15 years.

She has been positioned as City Manager in a municipality, Children- and Culture Manager, Manager for Social Values, Management Consultant at Rambøll Attractor, Department Head for Center of Public Competency Development (COK), and Institute Manager at Institute for Management and Administration at the university college Metropol.

Before that she worked as a private psychologist specialized in victims of neglect and abuse. Today, she is an independent consultant in organisation development, coaching, and management feedback.

Pernille grew up in Tanzania and has lived in Greenland and the US. She is concerned with sustainability for both people and the planet.

Mette Møller,

Approved specialist in organisational psychology, supervisor in management- and organisational psychology. Certified in MBTI, JTI, Neo-pir and TCI.

Mette Møller is a self-employed organisational psycologist, who works with management and organisational development. Further, Mette has written books and contributed with much significant voulenteer work in favour of her hometown Aarhus.


Hans Hjordt Hansen, 

Computer Scientist, Courier and former Sales Executive.

For more than 30 years, Hans Hjordt Hansen has worked with management and development of sytem- and sales departments, where the client base consited of the largest Danish telecom – and industry clients. The last 8 years, Hans has worked as a courier with tours to China, Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan and several parts of South America. He is a real globetrotter.


Bodil Mygind Madsen, 

Senior European Manager

Bodil Mygind Madsen holds a MA in social anthropology and Russian language. She has more than 25 years’ experience coordinating national and international projects in the field of formal and informal education and learning, culture, employment, voluntary work and social activities. For more than 20 years, she has been working with projects and programs related to elderly care, integration of refugees/immigrants in education, the labour marked and society in general. Bodil has more than 30 years of experiences as a teacher, among others in Turkey, Estonia and Russia. She was Project Manager on the projects FAIRstart 2008 -2010 and TransFAIR 2011-2013. Furthermore she was the Danish coordinator of the ERASMUS+ project “MultiCulturality in Care” which was successfully implemented in the period 2014-2017 in cooperation with Danish municipalities and trade unions. At the moment, she is the coordinator of the  ERASMUS+ project TECHSenior.


Kim Barba

Entrepreneur and project developer.

Kim Barba has for more than 25 years founded and been the driving force in a number of startups in both Denmark and abroad. He has also been involved in cultural projects and non-commercial collaborations, among others as festival coordinator and as the founder of a think tank that worked for regional development in West Jutland. 

Kim has traveled most of the world and has studied political science at Aarhus University.