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One of the basic principles of Fairstart is the idea that sustainable development happens through involvement, not control.

We view the concept of ownership as an important element in a process of change, which is is why all participants in a project are invited as active co-creators. The relevant parties are involved on all levels in the process of creating and executing the education: from our partner-organisations to the children who are the center of it all.

If your organisation is interested in engaging in a partnership, please contact us at:

Below, you can read about our former and current partnership projects.

In spring 2018, we initiated a co-creation project with the National Board of Social Services in Greenland.The joint co-creation project focuses on interdisciplinary education for teachers, day care workers and workers in residential homes, working with relation-based caregiving. The purpose is, in interaction between Fairstart, Greenlandic experts, professionals, parents as well as children and young people, to create a common knowledge of quality care, which is the basis for children’s’ successful development at school. The first class of instructors started their education in September 2018.

Read more about the project here : Project overview 

In coorporation with SOS Children’s Villages in Denmark, we launched a joint fostercare project in the spring of 2017. The aim of the project was to educate a class of SOS-employees as certified Fairstart instructors in Tanzania, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Somaliland and Kenya. During their education the instructors taught foster parents and SOS-mothers in attachment-based care. Thus, the foster families gained a solid foundation of knowledge that enabled them to improve the care for the children. The education proved to be a great succes. In winter 2018, the first class of committed african SOS-employees gained the title of Certified Fairstart Instructor. The education programmes has benefitted more than 600 children in the local areas. Read more here

Other partners and supporters include:

MICA- Fonden

Holkegård Fonden

Metro-Schrøder Fonden