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Session 13/13

Page 1/3: Our professional competences from the learning process

Our professional competences from the learning process

Competences to be exercised:
Making a systematic evaluation of an educational and organizational development

Theme of the session:
In session 13 you will study the outcome of your work with the Fairstart program in five different areas:

•  Outcome in your caregiver practices
•  Outcome in children’s development and child/ caregiver relations
•  Outcome in leader/instructor/staff relations and cooperative competences
•  Outcome in relations with the local environment and decision makers


The questions in this session are:
When you compare the starting point of this training with your current status: how did it affect your ability to care for children placed outside home?

Have you created an organization which is more social, more systematic in its way of working, and more able to offer a long term secure base for the children?

Have you encouraged each other to cooperate and discuss freely and to design new models for work?


Aims of the session:
To compare your caregiving status at the start of the Fairstart training with your current status in the above mentioned five areas.

Please use 15 minutes (or as much time as needed) for summing up what you worked with between the last session and this one:

• Did we succeed in doing what we planned?
• What was easy to do and what was difficult?
• What did we learn from doing what was planned?
• What can we do better next time you work between sessions?

Please remember: it is okay if you experienced problems – this is a new way of working, and it takes some exercise and experimenting before it becomes routine.