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In September 2018, Fairstart Foundation launches a new collaboration with the National Board of Social Services in Greenland. In this regard, Fairstart Foundation was invited to attend the principal seminar of the Board of Social Services, held in Copenhagen 24th of April 2018. The cooperation was introduced to the approximately 40 participating principals, who very much welcomed the initiative.

The joint co-creation project focuses on interdisciplinary education for teachers, day care workers and workers in residential accommodations, working with relation-based caregiving. The purpose is, in interaction between Fairstart, Greenlandic experts, professionals, parents as well as children and young people, to create a common knowledge of quality care, which is the basis for children’s’ successful development at school.

This will provide Greenlandic professionals with a common tool, which is based on Greenlandic culture and identity. The principals are fiery souls who, like other professionals, seek to give care to children and parents – despite the lack of education, many job shifts, and the children’s’ great challenges.

The education takes place partly online and is available in both Danish and Greenlandic. Initially, this happens in Sisimiut, Upernavik and associated villages. Once the program is developed, it can be used throughout Greenland and also by Inuit on the other side of Baffin Bay – Canada etc. All interested are welcome to follow the project here on this website, on Facebook or LinkedIn. Ideas and comments are always welcome.

You can read more about the project in both English and Greenlandic here:

Project Overview_English