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Monday the 16th of January 2017 the first team of international Fairstart instructor students started their education process. The education consists of eight modules containing video training, practical assignments and peer-to-peer assessments with the purpose of educating the instructor team in how to guide caregivers working with children and youth placed in group settings.

The current instructor team consists of 15 participants from nine different countries: Canada, Russia, Spain, Denmark, Estonia, India, Indonesia, Ghana and Uganda. All participants have eagerly begun working on the education’s introduction module and are regularly updating their results on the online platform functioning as a digital ”class room”. As the education continues the students will provide each other with feedback and can always discuss successes and challenges internally on the team.

The education will take place over a period of four months and ends with an online exam on the 25th of April 2017. At completion the instructor students will receive a certificate providing them with the title of Certified Fairstart Instructor, enabling them to educate caregivers in how to interact with and care for vulnerable children placed in institutions.

All instructor participants have started the education process with great enthusiasm. We are very much looking forward to continuously following their progress and hopefully congratulate 15 certified instructors at the end of April.