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This week we held a seminar for the first class of 23 Greenlandic foster care instructors.

The seminar is part of our locally adapted instructor education, which is developed in close collaboration with the Greenlandic Board of Social Welfare. During the next 6 months of their education they will train local foster parents in attachment based care and thus contribute to establishing local care systems throughout Greenland.

We had the great pleasure to have attending instructors from 12 different cities, representing all 5 municipalities in Greenland. We are delighted about the instructors’ participation and engagement, which gave opportunity to exchange of experiences and best practices in the field of foster care.

One of the instructors stated:

The greatest value of this education is that it all takes place in our own language. Many people talk about Greenland as if it is the worst place to live because there is a lot of neglect of care, but I think we are taking many remedial measures and we are going to make a big difference now. 

Thank you very much for these words. To all the instructors and our partners at the Board of Social Welfare we would like to say a big thank you for your contribution and participation. We look very much forward to our future cooperation and to working with you on the education and following your progress.