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FairstartGlobal has been transformed into a foundation. In association to this, FairstartGlobal has changed its name to Fairstart Foundation and simultaneously, we have formulated a new slogan that reflects our vision and mission more accurately.

The slogan says Help Children Save the World, and here the essence of our existence lies.

Our vision is to create the frame in which the world’s children can grow up healthy and happy and thus become able to contribute in positive and constructive ways to a better world society. Hence, our mission is to improve the professional competencies of those caregivers who take care of children without parental contact.
These children have the potential to become a huge resource for the world and achieve personal success, if they receive the right care. Fairstart Foundation can contribute to realise exactly this. On the contrary, lack of well-educated caregivers can have serious consequences for these children, which might make them a huge burden to society. These children are therefore a crucial focal point in creating a better world – for them and us and for future generations.
Besides the new name and slogan we have also developed a new logo. Thanks to Thea Mikkelsen and Mikkel Braginsky from the brand bureau Human Human our new logo contains both our new name and new slogan. We hope that you’ll like it.

Fairstart Foundation is approved by the Danish State.

/May 2016