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We have now developed yet another resource session to our training programmes. The session is called Sustainability – learning ecological gardening” and is an extension of another session that we created last year called “Sustainability – protecting the environment.” This new session is however targeted the oldest children aged 12-18.

It takes its point of departure in sustainable cultivation of the land – whether it is a small garden or a large area of fields. It focuses on how humans influence nature, and how everything on earth is connected. The children learn to cultivate the soil with consideration and care for the environment and wildlife, and they obtain a fundamental awareness of how they can act responsible towards nature.

The aim of the session is to perform a range of activity days where the children make observations and small studies and discuss different aspects of sustainable gardening. The session also includes suggestions for activity days where the children grow their own vegetables, make compost, and experiment with alternative ways of gardening. Hence, the children will acquire both theoretical and practical experience with growing organic crops in a sustainable way in different environments and under different circumstances.

The two sustainability sessions will be available soon!