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On June 15, 2018, 18 instructors from the residential institutions Bustrup, Udsigten, Jupiter, Peterslyst and Christianshede in Denmark were trained as certified Fairstart instructors.

In this regard, we would like to thank everyone for a fruitful and inspiring collaboration. It has been a pleasure to follow the instructors’ commitment and development during their 5 months of training.

Below you can read statements from the instructors, leaders and caregivers on their learnings and experience with Fairstart’s instructor training.

“The staff find that the young people are more cooperative and less defiant. This must be an result of that we have, to a greater extent, created a safe base and relationship.”Leader

“We have gained insight and understanding for each other in another way because we have shared vulnerable experiences and discussed sensitive issues – which has strengthened us.”Caregiver

“The instructors have gained a better understanding of each other and the work they do and suddenly you become more project oriented by actually finding out what is theory and what is practice and how does that go hand in hand.”Leader

“We are a very different composition of employees and that openness has given us an understanding of each other that results in a red thread, as we have the same goal to work towards despite our diversity.”Instructor