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FairstartGlobal and The Holkegaard Foundation work together to develop training programmes that can create local sustainability on several levels. Children who grow up with educated caregivers will feel safe and secure and thus have a greater chance to become responsible citizens. Simultaneously, we educate both caregivers and their children in a range of topics within the aspect of sustainability and hence we assist them in becoming active co-creators of a sustainable immediate environment.

Thus, sustainability both includes that local caregivers learn to create loving environments for the children and that they all are active in building ecological circles. As our ancestors stated: “A healthy spirit in a healthy body”, to which we can add: “in a healthy environment”, is the triangle that our vision is based on.

The story about The grey and the green house is used in our training session about sustainability and is an important element to give the children a feeling of recognition and understanding of a complex topic.

/January 2016