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Session 1/13

Page 5/5: Work plan – things we will/can do before the next session

Work plan: Things we will do before the next session


  • Use your mobile or a camera to record what children do when the caretaker leaves them.
  • You can do this by writing down what you see/ by using a camera with video/ use the video camera in your mobile phone. If you have a computer at work, place all individual recordings there, and then erase them from the camera or phone you used for recording.
  • Whatever observations you write down or record, it must not be used by or seen by anyone who is not participating in the education program. Please decide before you end this session: who will be responsible for this
  • At the start of the next session, you begin by looking at what you observed, discuss the observations, and talk about any problems in cooperating or understanding who does what, and how to resolve any problems.


Evaluate on whether you got this knowledge and if you feel that there´s the necessary openness in the group

Thank you for your interest and good luck with your work until next session!