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Sexual behaviour and contraception

Page 7/9: Topic E: What can prevent a happy love relation?

Topic E: What can prevent a happy love relation?

Now you can start informing the teenager about contraception. You should emphasize many times during the dialogues that the purpose is to secure a healthy and happy life, and that planning responsible sexual behaviour is very important for achieving this goal.

If possible invite a doctor or a health nurse to support your dialogues. Your Ministry of Health or local library may also be able to provide you with informative videos, pamphlets or books. You can look up local internet resources.
This link in English may be helpful:

Checklist of important topics when informing about secure sexual behaviour:

  1. Where to buy different contraception remedies.
  2. How to use them in practice.
  3. How to insist on using them even if the partner is unwilling.
  4. How to say “no” if you are invited into an unwanted relation.
  5. Where to get help if you have been raped or molested. How to contact staff about this.
  6. Informing about sexually transmitted diseases and contraception.
  7. AIDS.
  8. Viruses (Chlamydia a. o.).
  9. Syphilis.