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Session 13/13

Page 2/3: Evaluating your development

Evaluating your development

There are two ways of evaluating the work you have done together:

One evaluation is to compare your work with the quality principles of the Fairstart program (see session 2). This will tell you to what degree you have succeeded in reaching the standards of the program. However, the Fairstart training only provided the principles and remedies for a secure caregiving organization.

Thus the second evaluation is just as important: To discuss what kind of caregiving culture you have developed together in your institution during the training: perhaps you have found new values in your work, perhaps you think differently about what is important in childcare, perhaps you have reorganized the way you cooperate and discuss your work.

Your task in this session is to compare your present work with the quality assessment made by leader and instructor when you started the project, and then to discuss the models and outcomes you have developed together in your work.

Perhaps you did not reach all the formal goals recommended, but you might easily have found a lot of fine ways to make a good institution – some of your ideas are probably much better than anything the program could suggest.