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Page 5/7 Topic C: Preparing aftercare

Topic C: Preparing aftercare

Leaving the foster care to start an adult life is often a major challenge – many young people experience loneliness, which is stressing and this calls for an aftercare system. However, in many countries – even for wealthy families – an aftercare system is not available when professional relations end. This is a sad fact since many studies point to the fact that aftercare has a very positive effect on the young people who have left foster care.

You can, however, discuss with the young person how to prepare for living an independent life after foster care, including making a plan for what should happen. You might prevent problems for the young person by contacting authorities a few years before ending foster care, and recommend aftercare. In some countries young people have mentors who see them regularly when they have left care, and help them cope with daily life. Research indicates that when young people leave foster care, they do better if the have a peer group – for example if they are living in a house with other young people where there are a few professionals who help them with daily tasks.