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Session 4/15

Page 5/5: Work plan: Things to do before the next session

 Work plan: Things to do before the next session


  • A. Make video recordings or take notes of babies or children who react with attachment behaviour when the caregiver leaves.
  • B. Notice what you do to create secure bases during the day and take notes. Or make video recordings of your spouse when providing a child with a secure base.
  • C. Record or note how the children respond to the foster parent leaving (clings to him/her or starts exploring, crawling away, older children or teenagers may complain because it makes them nervous, etc.).
  1. How do you make sure that only you, your spouse and your supervisor/instructor see the recordings?
  2. How do you keep the recordings safe?
  3. After storing all the recordings on one computer, make sure they are erased from the cell phones or camera you used for recording.

Thank you for your interest and good luck with your work until next session!