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Session 9/13

Page 5/5: Work plan: Things we will do before next session

Work plan: Things we will do before next session

Create three new work groups

Work group 1 works with Topic A:

This session has taken its point of departure in the employees’ assumptions about the children’s experiences. To get an insight into the children’s and teenagers’ experiences of continuity, work group 1 should examine whether the children experience that they have a few stable and everyday present caregivers to whom they are attached and how many of the children and youth that feel part of a peer group.

Adjust the questions to the children’s age. For example, you can ask a young child: “Are there one or two adults, that you think are best at comforting you?” Or “Are there one or two adults that you miss the most, when they are not around?”

Teenagers can for example be asked: “Are there one or two adults you prefer talking to if you have problems? If yes, would you like them to be here more often? If no, are there other caregivers that you would like to be around more often anyway?” Or “Do you experience to be more attached to some children/youth and adults than others?”

Formulate more questions and talk to as many children as possible.

The children’s answers are presented in the beginning of the next session and will give you a shared understanding of the children’s experiences of continuity. These experiences can with advantage be used as basis or inspiration for the changes towards increased continuity that work group 3 has responsibility of creating.


Work group 2 works with Topic B:

On the basis of the conclusions of the three discussion groups, work group 2 creates a plan for how to help children and teenagers feel more included, how to help them find their place in the community and how to help them to be appropriately intimate in their relations with both adults and peers.


Work group 3 works with revision of work schedules and/or organisation of work hours

The leader and employee representatives and a person with knowledge about work hour planning form a group and work to find the best compromises between the staff’s needs and the children’s need for continuity in daily care. Especially children under the age of three.

The plan should be presented and discussed by the whole staff group before the next session. Make a decision about who is responsible for presenting the suggestions and comments in the beginning of the next session.

Thank you for your interest and good luck with your work until next session!