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Sustainability – learning to protect the environment

Page 1/7: Sustainability – learning to protect the environment

Sustainability – learning to protect the environment

This session is about the concept of sustainability.
Sustainability is about protecting nature’s resources by acting in a responsible way towards the environment.

Competences to be exercised:

  • Presenting children to the concept of sustainability.
  • Creating awareness of sustainability in the children.
  • Teaching the children that they have the power to create positive changes in their own lives by improving their daily environment.
  • Teaching the children how their behavior can affect the environment and how they can act responsibly towards nature.

Theme of the session
In this session you are going to use activities that teach children about different aspects of the concept of sustainability. Childhood is the beginning of lifelong relationships, not only with other humans but also with animals, nature and the environment.

Aims of the session
The goal of this session is to design and practice an activity day for the children, where they learn about sustainable behavior and start building awareness about their environment. The children should learn how to obtain good and healthy habits concerning the resources of nature and people, as well as a better understanding of how people and their environment are connected and affect each other. When children improve their environment they improve their own lives also.